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MT Biofuels (Pty) Ltd is a business focused on taking on the fossil fuel industry, particularly in the manufacturing of biodiesel and glycerol.

Our organisation was created out of the apparent need to provide alternative fuel sources due to escalating fuel costs, the introduction of policy incentives and the need for countries to reduce their carbon footprint.

The biodiesel manufactured by MTB (Pty) Ltd in partnership with the Biofuels Business Incubator complies with SANS1935, assuring customers a high-quality standard.

What We Value

Our Mission

To consistently provide quality driven biodiesel products to clients in a safe, reliable, and cost- effective manner

Our Vision

We intend to be a leading regional, national, and global producer of high- quality biodiesel. We want to shift people’s thinking towards sustainability and a cleaner environment.

Our Goals
  • Strategically develop skill and capacity.
  • Leverage and maintain key stakeholder relationships.
  • Develop a consistent, reliable customer base. Adhere to relevant regulatory and quality standards of the industry.

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At The Helm

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The Managing Director!!!

Onnica Toko

Onnica Toko has worked extensively to develop relationships and build her own knowledge and skills in the bioenergy industry. Her start-up strategy has proven to rapidly bring forth success for MTB (Pty) Ltd.

MT Biofuels Compliance

Our policy states that all clients will receive products that are of high-standard and excellent quality, conforming to all the needs of the clients within the agreement, specifications and the standard legal requirements.

We accept all responsibility and we are committed to the implementation of quality management systems for all activities, by the approach of making a habit to ‘do things right the first time’ to ensure customer and client satisfaction.

Registration number: 2016/149979/07
SARS, CIPC, Tax: Compliant
BEE: Level 1 contributor
MTB (Pty) Ltd is registered with the following organisations:
Bio Services CC – Certificate of Analysis.
Department of Environmental Affairs – Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

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